Magnet Fishing for fun

Magnet fishing is a weird hobby that is really addictive, there are sites popping up all over the internet dealing with the topic of magnet fishing such as that one. Magnet fishing is similar to metal detecting in that you are retrieving “treasure” that other people are ignoring. You throw a magnet into a body of water and using a rope you retrieve the magnet and fish out whatever sticks to it. It’s addictive to say the least.

Not long ago, I had been speaking with an acquaintance about how exactly animals often navigated through the magnetic North Pole. He noted that his brother had been a marine biologist and was always thinking about things like this. Specifically we discussed a recently available Wall Street Journal article on the subject of Salmon utilizing their internal biological magnetic compass to go back to the streams they’d followed to the ocean. Okay so, let’s discuss how fishermen would use this information to capture adult Salmon within the wild within the Pacific Ocean for just a moment when we might?

NPR Experienced a special segment on February 7, 2013 titled; “Animal Magnetism: How Salmon Find Their In The Past Home,” by Sarah Zielinski. The content also noted; “Magnetic detection “is certainly one to be really efficient navigators,” says the study. The fish also employ their feeling of smell to assist them locate the actual stream of the birth.”

The BBC reading an identical research paper also reminded us all of that; “Sea turtles, elephant seals and several other fish, including eels, tuna and sturgeon, possess a similar migratory strategy,” a scientist explained; this within the BBC article; “Sockeye salmon sense magnetic field of home,” by Helen Briggs, also on February 7, 2013.

Well, when we can duplicate the smell and make use of an imitation magnetic signal to lure many fish into holding areas for collection. Then switch off the magnetic signal and release the remainder of them, the remainder works to discover their in the past for their actual stream outlet and swim backup to spawn and continue the procedure for next year’s run.

Some might state that these deceptive tactics are unfair towards the salmon. In certain years Salmon fishing is safe, or limited. Still, for individuals who might claim this being a problem, we should also realize that fish-finder radars, cross-river netting, as well as other high-tech tools happen to be used.

Okay so, when the fishing vessel were to battle 20,000 gallons water in a river outlet towards the sea, they might have a similar odor of that specific river to dump in to the ocean around their boats, because they lured the salmon that were prepared to head returning to spawn having a false magnetic reading. Which is if the particular research paper as well as the stories are correct, which the salmon really do use magnetic field navigation in their migratory strategy. Indeed I really hope you are going to please consider all of this and think onto it.