Why Nutrition Is Key To Getting A Science Based Six Pack

Six pack abdominal muscles are not just a sign of a healthy body, they are also a status symbol. Six pack abs are only attainable through smart, focused exercise and a science based nutrition plan that requires dedication and hard work. Thankfully, there are a number of strategies that work well for developing science based six pack abs, and all of them are centered around a core philosophy: calories in and calories out.

CICO, or calories in and calories out, is a nutrition philosophy that allows men to gain science based six pack abs quickly and safely. CICO focuses on the true cause of six pack abs: a low body fat percentage.

Many adults live sedentary lifestyles and eat at or above their daily maintenance calories, or the amount of calories they can eat and stay at their current weight. Unfortunately, this means that even with exercise, abdominal muscles will never show prominently, as they will always be covered by a thin or thick layer of body fat. By counting calories carefully and eating 200 to 500 calories below maintenance, adults can shed between one and two pounds per week. As all of the weight being lost is body fat, a abs may show up anywhere from 3 to 6 months later.

Of course, CICO is made much easier by practicing intermittent fasting, or IF. Intermittent fasting is when adults choose to skip one meal a day, causing the body to burn more fat as it uses up fatty deposits for energy without available calories. Also, as the stomach does not expand rapidly, skipping one meal a day typically does not cause overeating during later meals, effectively keeping calories ingested lower than normal. Intermittent fasting combined with a careful calories in and calories out nutrition plan is the best way for many adults to achieve a set of science based six pack abs easily.