Look Out For Dry Toilets

Ah, the bathroom. The only place that is not our bedrooms that we can totally be ourselves and not have to worry about other people barging in on you. Because the bathroom is the one place you can relax and do your thing, we tend to take them for granted because it has always been there since we were born. But if it was suddenly gone, boy do we feel lost and antsy like babies. Seriously, we cannot live without our Dry Toilets RV.

Since us humans kind of need hygiene to function properly in our society, we always have to have our toilets because, as normal functioning humans, we defecate every day and as disgusting as that sounds, it is normal. This is why bathrooms are needed all the time. We do not want to live like cavemen after all.

We need to leave the time behind and start to act like normal citizens where we function as normally a possible. That being said, what place or establishment does not have a freaking toilet? We practically pee every hour or less, depending on the water consumption we do. If there is a place out there that does not have at least one toilet, then they need to get in with the current times.

Having none is basically a sin at this point. And kind of stupid. Malls, restaurant, and even churches have restrooms. Unless you are a completely different organism, then how else is this going to work for you? What are you going to do if nature starts calling? Pee and poop on a hole you just dug yourself?

Do not even get us started on baths, because we have had our fair share of random so called pirates who walk around smelling like they just dove in their own feces all day. That smell will burn all your nose hairs and hilariously enough, bacteria is the least of your problems. People, we need baths.

No buts and no questions because this basically is a necessity at this point. We understand that lots of us do not have the luxury for things like indoor plumbing and baths, but can we really help ourselves from being shallow? We grew up with hygiene in our minds. We cannot just abandon that kind of thinking.

As much as we despise having to waste time in baths and other things we do in there, we have no choice. So we do things to make it easier on us, like having nice cry toiletry while having a pretty and clean space for us to actually do our private things. Humans are fickle anyway so we should just go with the flow.

We should not have to worry about having to wake up in the morning with the urge to take a leak and then sit down to a wet and very cold toilet. That seat ought to become as comfy and warm as possible. It is the place our asses are situated, after all.

With that said, maybe we can install that into our homes to make it easier on us. It certainly would be better than peeing in the woods. You guys ever tried that in the middle of the night? We do not recommend it.